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Isildur 1 Thats that masked man

September 11, 2011

The rise of the online world has paved the road for people to have an alias of sorts, an avenue that permits a double persona to exist. People are judged one way in real life which enables it to alter that perception with a whole new online id. Take a minute and understand this superhero analogy, The people of Gotham Community know Bruce Wayne as a billionaire playboy and the public Metropolis know Clark Kent as the reporter for the Day by day Planet. Yet they didn’t know that these two men was also Batman and Superman. If you’re confused with regards to where this analogy will, just stick with me for a couple more sentences. “Isildur1”, turned the poker world the wrong way up with his actions or shenanigans whatever you’d like to call it, but for months no-one knew who he was, where he was with, where he was obtaining the money to play the top stakes online. ipoker rakeback Isildur1’s journey to the actual nosebleeds of full tilt poker was impressive; He built his bankroll from 2, 000 dollars to 1. 4 Million in some span of 9 calendar months. His 1st challenger appeared to be Haseeb Qureshi and he or she promptly took him with regard to over half a million dollars from a span of 24 several hours. After that, he vanished for about a month (another superheroesque attribute Isildur1 possessed) and returned along with a cape on and put on a show that should never be duplicated again in on line poker. In the span with 2 months from July 2009 to December 2009, Isildur1 was responsible intended for over 25 million dollars being exchanged in the span of a couple short sessions. He was accepting all willing challengers along with the players he was playing against was a list of who’s-who in the holdem poker world. A murder’s row connected with pokers players one might say: Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Phil Ivey, Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, Cole South, Brian Townsend and Patrik Antonius. The nature of the swings he had would make anyone cringe, the volatility was so extreme; up 1 million dollars one hour and then down 3 million, than back up again and this wouldn’t stop. Brian Townsend, Patrik Antonius, and Cole South went on had first crack in Isidiur1 and he had been down a million $ $ $ $. Online railers suggested that his over aggressive style wouldn’t work against the top competition. He shut up a railers pretty fast through winning 2 million through South and Townsend. Up a cool trillion dollars, Isidiur1 waited at that high stakes Heads up Tables searching for a challenger. Tom “durrrr” Dwan came knocking additionally they played a six table match where Isilidur1 gave durrrr a beating that no one would ever forget. At the end in the week Isidiur1 had ingested 5 million dollars out of durrr, the largest run in online poker history and forcing durrrr to attempt to save face by challenging him to the Durrrr Million Dollar Difficult task. He then extracted some revenge on Antonius currently taking 1. 6 million from him the actual next day. Poker is a activity of swings and every player goes thru down-swings, unless your name is Phil Ivey, and Isidiur1 was no different. When Ivey and Isidiur1 competed heads up No Limit Hold’Em, after a week Ivey was initially up 3. 2 Million. Antonius than challenged Isidiur1 so that you can rematch in Omaha, a game that Isidiur1 admitted that he wasn’t experienced in, he lost another 3. 2 million, but got 2 million back in the morning. Controversy arose when your dog played Brian Hastings, in a span of 5 hours Hastings took 4. 2 Million dollars from Isidiur1, the single largest secure and loss suffered within a day in the history of online poker. Hastings later admitted which he received about 50, 000 hand histories involving Isidiur1 from Brian Townsend together with Cole South, which was against Comprehensive Tilt Poker’s rules. Isidiur1 again disappeared, with speculation rampant over whether yet return. He resurfaced again around December 2010, this time as Company Pro at Pokerstars in reference to his identity still a suspense, however with more and many more players started seeing the similarities between aggressive styles of Isidiur1 plus Swede Victor Blom, some had started to help you assume that Blom seemed to be indeed Isidiur1. There were soon to become proven right as Isidiur1 revealed himself along at the at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.


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